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Smart guys never grow up



I really believe in the wisdom of the hands, the knowledge that you gain while doing and trying out things. To do so, it is important to have an open mind like children have and not to be too reasonable about the things that could happen. A child never thinks about consequences. It lives for the moment and it does whatever comes in its mind.
Thus, I wanna say thank you to my little daughter who reminds me about that and inspires me every day again. She opens my eyes for the important things which surround me. I also wanna say thank you to my husband for the confidence he puts in me. While my child is my inspiration, he is my power resource in trying new things without knowing what the outcome will be.


What drives me is to create a human digital future. For me it is important to find ways to combine the potentials of digital technology with human values to create a worth living world. In doing so one of the most important things for me is to learn and to share my knowledge. To inspire others and to enable them to express their lifestyle and in return learn new ways to express myself is in my eyes the key to a world where we reflect our actions. On this website, I will discuss developments and remarkable events that moves me on the one hand and on the other also show projects and realizations. As I believe that only in the interplay of mind and hand we can find the truth.


… information about things I do you will find at The aim of this platform is to explore the potential of combining crafting techniques with digital technology.

… about my vita you will find at my xing and linkedIn profile.