About Me

How to create a human digital future? How to foster creativity and innovation? How to inspire young minds? These are questions that stimulate me and my work, where I am driven by the idea to create a worth living future in the 21st century.

To find answers for that I trust in the method of self experience. I love to try things out from the beginning, I am curious at heart and I always want to build an understanding about the underlaying connecting things not just by reading and researching about it theoretically but also by trying it out and collect first hand experiences.

When it comes to learn and build an understanding about my ideas and concepts I believe in the feedback of the people. That’s why I create opportunities to put my outcomes in real settings in order to understand the impact it can create for society.

In a nutshell: the work I do can be located at the intersection of practice based research, new forms of learning and business inspired by social values.


You share the same mindset and want to exchange ideas? Just drop me a line: post(at)julea.de