I am co-founder and managing director of Junge Tüftler, a social company that offers children a hands-on approach to coding and electronics. By doing so we not only give kids the tools to become creators of the digital world but also train them in the 21st century skills to become thoughtful citizens.

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Future of the magazine

1873 1379 Julea

Together with Disruptive Elements and Leo Burnett Berlin we performed an ideation Workshop about the future of the magazine.

DIY Seminars

1822 680 Julea

Together with Björn Bischof I gave two seminars about the culture of DIY  at the HBK Braunschweig. We also used the format to organize a conference whith highly inspiring speakers. You find more infos about it on Michelle Thornes Blog entry . For more details about the seminar take a look at Björns Blog or…